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07 Jan '16

Skate Camp Shreducate...Two Thumbs Up

We had finished off the end of the year with a Holiday Skate Camp that we offer at Volcom Skatepark in Costa Mesa, CA every year! The skate camp was a rad experience for kids ages 4-12. Most of the kids out at the skatepark this year were trying skateboarding for the first time and had smiles the whole camp! I had three guys assisting; Skate Coach Mike Ogas, Skate Coach Skylar Manning and Skate Coach Cameron White. We started off the camp with some stretches and then to the big bowl where we helped all the kids get inside safely. From there we showed them how to fall safetly by knee sliding and how to be aware of their surroundings. This was a perfect way to introduce safety and awareness but most importantly it provides confidence to get on the board.

Next the kids were split into groups based on skill level and we got down to the basics of skateboarding with the little guys like foot placement and how to balance by bending your knees and leaning forward. The more intermediate and advanced kids went off to skate some more challenging sections of the skatepark. They worked with Coach Skylar and Cameron, learning proper ollies, how to grind the mini bowl and launching off the launch ramp. All the kids continue to advance and progress in their skills well having smiles on their faces. We took lots of water breaks snack breaks and even had pizza and Popsicles for lunch every day of camp, the kids loved it! We can't wait for the next camps coming up! Check out our website to see what's next at Shreducateacademy.com or just give me a call!

Thank you,

Joey Lopez
"Let's Shreducate!"

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